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Calligraphy Workshops

Our Modern Calligraphy workshops are a joy to host!
Not only do they offer the opportunity to dip your toe into the beginnings of a new skill, they facilitate a warm, engaging environment, where you get to focus on you for three hours.

One of the most beautiful and rewarding characteristics of calligraphy, is that it enables you to just focus on the movements involved in making the shapes that form elegant letters.
From the dip in the inkpot, to the glide of the nib along the paper, and the varying pressures you apply as you concentrate on the thick and thin strokes, it’s a most meditative and mindful activity that makes it difficult to think of anything else!
Some of the loveliest feedback about our workshops has mentioned the “zen”-like state that attendees felt at the end of the few hours.

So if you’d like to take some time out for you, whilst focusing on creativity, this workshop might be just what you’re looking for! Dates of future workshops will be listed when they become available, but if you have any queries, get in touch with us here


Private Group Bookings On Request

We can also facilitate workshops for groups or private parties (hen parties, groups of friends, workplace events). If you would like to organise a Modern Calligraphy Workshop in your own location, get in touch with us for more information.