Tattoo Ticket

Tattoo Ticket

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A frequent enquiry has been to ask if I can give permission for my calligraphy and illustration work to be used for tattoos (in particular the Focail calligraphy range and some watercolour illustrations). This listing is for those who have asked and who have shown interest in using any of my artwork for tattoos.

Why buy a Tattoo Pass?

Firstly, thank you! It’s hugely complimentary to think that someone would like to have a tattoo of a piece of my work.

Unfortunately, art theft is extremely common and can have obvious detrimental repercussions on the original artist. So if you would like to have my art permanently inked, all I ask is that you help support me and my work by purchasing this listing. Please note this listing is not a physical product. It is solely for the purpose of permission and gratitude to use my work for a personal tattoo. With the purchase of this tattoo ticket, you support me to continue making artwork, and consequently help us to keep our studio doors open. We appreciate this so much!


What will I receive after purchasing the tattoo ticket?

After purchasing, you will be able to download a printable form (sent to you via email) to show to your tattoo artist. The form indicates that I have given you permission to tattoo an existing illustration, and an invitation for your tattoo artist to get in touch if they have any questions about the artwork!

Please do not have my designs tattooed without purchasing this pass.

Thank you for wanting to permanently place my work on your skin. We would love if you could send us a photo of your finished tattoo to share on our website / social media and for my own portfolio. Please also tag and credit me in photos of the tattoo that you may post online – all of these things help to support the original maker (and it would be so lovely for me to see the tattoo too!)


This listing grants only the right to tattoo one of my illustrations. It does not grant the right to use my art for anything other than the tattoo.