Plantable Seeded Greeting Card - Charity fundraiser

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A card with a difference (giving a little extra care to the environment!) 

This range of cards is printed on our new 280gsm plantable seeded white cardstock, are A6 in size, and are accompanied by our recycled kraft envelope. Featuring handwritten text, and original handdrawn illustrations. Read more about these special cards below! 

Choose from our three designs: 

(1) Let it grow, (2) Just bee-cause, (3) Seeds 'n' greetings. 

We have nominated 4 charities in this listing, and it's up to you to vote for the charity that you would like 100% of the card price (the full €4 per card) to be donated to. Whichever charity has received the most votes by Friday .......... will receive all money raised from the sale of these cards. 


More about our seed paper... 

What is the cardstock made from ?

A unique handmade cardstock, produced using 100% unprinted waste paper with seed inclusions. 

What type of seed mix is in each card? 

Each seed mix in the cards contains a range of wildflower and meadowgrass seeds. 

Tell me more!... 

The greeting card can be planted (handdrawn instructions are on the back of each card), and as with growing any plant from seed, once they are taken care of during planting and watering, there will be a germination of wildflowers and grasses, attracting bees and butterflies. Not only is it kind to the environment, but it's also a lovely feature for the card recipient!