Multi-Pack of Christmas Plantable Seeded Cards

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Multi-packs of plantable seeded Christmas greeting cards. Each card features handwritten modern calligraphy and/or handdrawn illustrations, and is printed on textured white cardstock. 

Our multi-packs of cards come in a 6-pack or 10-pack option. 

You can make up your own pack, by choosing the cards you would like included, or let us make up the pack for you and we'll create a pack of mixed designs! 

If you are choosing your own, just pop the names / numbers of the cards in the box below. 

Helpful Notes

  • You can choose to create a multi-pack of the same card, or to mix and match 
  • The cards available can all be viewed in the images here, and each card has a number. If it's easier, just list the numbers that you'd like included in your pack!





Each seed mix in the cards contains a range of wildflower and meadowgrass seeds. 

Tell me more!... 

The greeting card can be planted (handdrawn instructions are on the back of each card), and as with growing any plant from seed, once they are taken care of during planting and watering, there will be a germination of wildflowers and grasses, attracting bees and butterflies. Not only is it kind to the environment, but it's also a lovely feature for the card recipient!